The only reason businesses fail is because of their leaders… Because of their acceptance to their false image. Image of themselves and habits they don’t want to change. Most of The leaders are driven by righteousness midnset making them narcissists.

What promotes and nurtures narcissist mindset in leadership eco-system

– Love yourself, no matter what you are
– Don’t worry about what people think of you
– if you think you are great, you are

For some of the above lines, narcissists connect easily as it gives them the luxury of being in their comfort zone, the zone of non-growth.

While the above lines are meant to be a small anchors, to not feel disheartened about certain failures and slip into depression or loss of self- confidence, leaders are often seen using it to swing the pendulum another side by accepting their weakness to be the strength and eventually turning leader into a narcissist.

Unfortunately, this creates a surplus of leaders who are unaware of their limitations who are unjustifiably pleased with themselves

They see Leadership as an entitlement, and lack empathy and self-control, so they act up without integrity and take reckless risks

In the ever growing world of opportunities and competition what drives the team is empathy, acknowledgment,

The best leaders keep their narcissism in check… They care about their image not just in the external world, but also in the internal world.

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